About The Wine Club

Since 2004, we have been proud to introduce our members to the wide array of impressive wines being produced in North Carolina by featuring the State's best vineyards in monthly shipments of one or two bottles of wine.

About the Wine Club

The North Carolina Wine of the Month Club has built a strong reputation for delivering award-winning wines to our members at great value and convenience.  We specialize in hand selecting the best variety of wines for our members and we wish to share this with you. 
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About Our Wines

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with North Carolina's top wineries and experienced the exciting growth as these wines receive widespread acclaim.  Our tasting panel carefully selects each month's featured wines, bringing you both classic North Carolina wines and top quality bottlings from new producers.

About The Wine Club

The Best Way to Taste North Carolina’s Top Wines

Welcome to the North Carolina Wine of the Month Club!  As one of the state’s leading sources for local wines, we are proud to introduce our members to the vintners, winemakers, and wines of North Carolina.  We have been watching the amazing growth in the industry over the past couple years, and are enjoying seeing these exceptional wines receive national and international recognition.  We have built a strong reputation for selecting the best variety of North Carolina’s wines for our members and we wish to continue to share this with you.

Our Philosophy

Quite simply, at Renovate to Rent seminars we aim to provide you with award-winning real estate training at great value and convenience, with no obligation.

  • Building a strong reputation for selection of top wines through our experienced tasting panel
  • Seeking out hard-to-find wines, especially those limited selections that are not widely distributed
  • Developing an efficient and organized shipping system to get the wines directly to your doorstep, each and every month
  • Offering free registration, with no obligations
  • Providing both personal and gift membership options
  • Giving you more than just wine through The North Carolina Wine Journal, featuring in-depth information about North Carolina’s vineyards and top wines

About Our Wines

Bringing You North Carolina’s Finest Wines

Now boasting over seventy wineries and the tenth largest producer of grapes and wine in the country, North Carolina’s wine industry has been growing by leaps and bounds and gaining the acclaim of wine lovers nationwide.  The North Carolina Wine Club is proud to be a part of this exciting time, using their expertise and years of experience in the wine industry to bring you the state’s finest wines.  You can trust us to give you a completely satisfying North Carolina wine experience through our unparalleled knowledge and history of selecting top quality wines to arrive directly at your doorstep.

We are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy the wines in each and every shipment because we:

  • Select our wines through an expert tasting panel, including: 
    •  Ed Williams, Head of Panel
      • Wine instructor for UNC-Greensboro's Continuing Education program
      • Writer of a monthly wine column for the News & Record in Greensboro, N.C. 
    • Ken Whitescarver
      • Passionate wine drinker who is always looking to discover the next wine
    • Bobby Todd
      • CEO, Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce
      • Avid North Carolina wine fan
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  • Provide a variety of both classic North Carolina wines and those from newer vineyards, exposing you to the current trends in varietals and styles
  • Examine each wine’s track record, thereby bringing you some of the top award-winners in the state
  • Bring you the North Carolina wines that are currently receiving national and international recognition

By combining our thorough selection standards with the convenience of direct delivery, the North Carolina Wine of the Month Club offers you a winning package – great prices on the best North Carolina wines!

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The CertiPUR Certified Foams

CentiPUR-US certification is not mandatory. Some foam brands opt to not be certified. It is a voluntary testing and it depends on the foam manufacturer whether they want to be certified or not. Foam manufacturers have a greater advantage if they become certified by CertiPUR-US because it is a label of excellence. Once the brand is a certified foam, more and more consumers will choose it over other foam brands because they know that what they are going to get offers the best value for their hard-earned money.
CertiPUR-US certified foams are certified and tested to be made without ozone depleters. These are chemicals that can damage the ozone layers. Environmentalists discourage the use of ozone depleters as they can cause thinning of the ozone layer. It is the ozone layer that protects human from harmful rays of the sun. Certified foams do not have PBDE flame retardants, no heavy metals like mercury and lead, no formaldehyde, no prohibited phthalates, and have low emissions which greatly improve indoor air quality.
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